Sandbanks Provincial Park

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Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - POINT PETRE (MAR - 14 km away.

Spot Details

Recommend going to the northernmost beach in the park, known as "Sandbanks Beach" for cleanest wind and lesser crowds in the summer. The other beaches (Day Use, and Outlet / Camp Ground Beaches) are very crowded during summer months, with too many swimmers to safely ride.

NOTE: There is another park (and great kiting spot) just to the north west of Sandbanks called "North Beach Provincial Park". Technically the "north" beach of Sandbanks Prov Park is named "Sandbanks" beach while the south beach is the "Outlet" Beach. The West Lake side of Sandbanks beach is called the "Dunes" beach - a great spot on an east or north wind!

Stay well away from swimmers, and swimming areas when swimmers are present.

Please don't ride, or fly your kite at the Outlet and Campground beaches when they are crowded with beach goers.

Water: Nice waves near the beach, they get pretty big if the wind has been blowing for a while. Enjoy!

Great video from October 2012.