Kincardine Station Beach

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Current conditions at 9/28 11:51 AM - VE3COE Kincardine - 1 km away.

Spot Details

One of the best Kite "surfing" locations in Ontario!

Huge waves and strong undertow make this location for an Experienced confident rider in harsh conditions. If you're unsure of what you're doing this is not the place to learn, when the waves are big.

Crowding can be a problem close to south pier which is caused by floating surfers waiting for waves. It's one of the top surfing spots in the Great Lakes, since it offers excellent, glassy waves, and a pier that makes them easy to access. Though surfers typically stay close to the pier keep an eye out for strays. On a busy day there can be two dozen or more surfers bobbing in the water looking for waves. Once you get further away from pier crowding no longer an issue and waves get larger (DO NOT KITE AROUND or OVER SURFERS!)

Waves can get very, big here. Upwards of 15 feet, some as big as 20 feet. (especially when winds from W blow overnight.)

WARNING: The large waves here create a very strong rip current. There have been lots of drownings of people that are not familiar with the rough waters and what to do in a rip current (swim sideways, not directly into it).

Any riding mistakes here are multiplied by 10 when riding in the waves here. You have less time and bigger problems.

Flotation devices are recommended here.

If it's your first time kiting or surfing in Kincardine seek out a local for advice or just to say hi. Kite launch is located south of south pier and north of old ship wreck beside the volley ball courts. This is the designated launch site. This area is less busy during summer months and keeps the kites away from crowds.

NOTE: blades of sharp grass here. Keep your inflatable kites closer to the shoreline. Repaired over 30 pin prick holes in my bladder.

*NOTE that when the wind is more than 20kts there is no beach to come ashore too more than 200m south of the launch zone, it is just steep eroded hill/cliff side that is covered in trees and rock, You will wreck your equipment if you wash ashore here!!!

*NOTE the launch location is not ideal as it has a wind shadow on a NW wind and less than one kite line length from an obstacle in any direction but the water

*Note 300m south in front of the gazebo is a Rock shelf/point underwater that extends 100m either way and out from the shore(be careful people have broken there feet here!)

* stay at least 1-2 kite lengths away front the shipwreck as it extends a fair distance out in to the water and do to currents the sand comes and goes exposing more or less of the ship wreck

Awesome surfing photos taken at this spot.

See RTH001's Flickr post