9th Concession

4:14 AM

7:32 AM

4:39 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - LAGOON CITY - 7 km away.

Spot Details

Nice and shallow water for a long way out with sandy bottom, lots of parking and a grassy set up area similar to Keswick but much larger. Trees along the shore line make assisted or drift launching necessary. Best on W wind. Usually a number of wind surfers but lots of room for everyone.

Fairly large grassy park, lots of parking, sheltered from wind on NW makes for a warm rigging area especially if sunny, side onshore NW as faces west, clean water, shallow out pretty far, and safe to get downwind for beginners in a long shallow bay.

When you get upwind and to the outside there are tons of sandbars, nice rollers and clean wind. Windsurfed here for 20 years and one of my favourite spots...ian

A couple other points (Thanks Leo)

a) watch out for subsurface floating logs.

b) for SW, tricky, if not sufficiently powered you may end up in the weeds there.

c) zebra mussels (wear boots) and muddy (very slippery bottom) if drift launching, I've gotten cuts there before.

d) doesn't work very well on NW as it becomes VERY gusty

e) nice new addition is that you actually don't need to drift launch anymore IF the wind direction is westish, there is a NEW clearing and tiny beach on the south part of the parkette, where someone can acutally launch you, and land you if you're careful (the beach is exactly one kitelength wide), so this is a bonus for the spot!

f) otherwise make sure your drift launch works!!

g) if you kite a bit south past the weeds there is a nice sandy bottom zone where you can stand etc.

h) watch out for the power lines, don't launch the kite in the park.. not enough clearance.