Glenwoods Snowkiting

5:55 AM

7:33 AM

4:41 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - EGBERT CS - 25 km away.

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NOTE: on 7/17 the Town of Georgina erected a "No Kitesurfing" sign at Keswick Kite Beach. Please do not kite from this, or nearby locations until further notice.

________________________NW-W-SW is Best

S-N a little more gusty unless you kite further out.

Other directions can be very gutsy.

Glenwoods is the entry point for snowkiting on Lake Simcoe at Keswick.

Many kiters drive their vehicle onto the ice when they feel the ice is safe. They set up in the appropriate location base on the wind direction.

Snowkiting is much easier than Kiteboarding, so many kiters will do this sport in the winter to help cut the learning curve for kiteboarding in the spring.