Balm Beach

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7:48 AM

6:18 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 11:45 AM - EW2730 Lafontaine - 7 km away.

Spot Details

Public beach that is very busy during summer and is a known E. coli hot spot with main beach closures in summer.

Best to avoid during warm

summer days. However the cooler and off-season times provide opportunity

to launch and land.

All the beachs on either side of the main beach is privately own and you take the risk of being charged with tress passing if you try to launch from them (By law you can come to shore anywhere if you are in trouble)

Best winds are West and you can ride near here on a NW but cannot launch from the main beach as it is side off and blocked buy a tree line.

Nice to spot to launch and start a downwinder from on a west wind and can ride as far as beach 6(west end of wasaga beach)

There are some larger rocks below the surface on the southern shoreline.

Be cautious.

IKO Lessons provided in this general area: [url=" class][/url] and North coast kiteboarding