Bluffers Beach

9:30 PM

7:42 AM

6:18 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 11:50 AM - EW4242 Toronto - 13 km away.

Spot Details


Current Water Conditions (e-coli counts)


There is a large parking lot the the west of the beach.

Wind: One of the few place good for a NE. The wind can be lighter than other places in E do to the high of the Bluffs. Wind is stronger in Spring and Fall.


The water is shallow for a ways out with flatter water then build to waves on windy days.


Very long 300m and from 20-200m wide. The beach can be very busy in the summer. Stay well NE beyond the lifeguard patrolled swimming areas marked by flags. This will help separate Kiters from Beach goers.

This is and Intermediate spot due to waves and swimmers. You need to be able to kite upwind.

Kite well upwind of the rocks. The current will drag you towards them and you need lots of time to get to shore.

If you see waves washing up the sandy beach up to or past lifeguard towers re-consider riding.