Breakwater Park

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Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - KINGSTON ARPT (M - 7 km away.

Spot Details

Not a good place to learn

  • Deep water
  • Slight current
  • Boat traffic
  • No easy exit

Even experienced kiters are sometimes sketched out with the hazards of kiting in Kingston.

There is a nice sized lawn to rig on but be courteous of sunbathers. Get your kite up and jump off the corner of the pier and get offshore!

Come in at one of the small rock beaches just downwind and make sure your in before the smokestack or your swimming it in to the rock break wall. Unless you come in right at the launch drop your kite and walk it back.

Don't walk that waterfront with your kite up. Trees, power lines, signs, busy road and lots of nasty rock should make that obvious.

Works best in a SW to West. South is rideable but a bit washing machine due to cross chop. Not suitable if there is a chance of shifting north (offshore) so careful in fall when this is most likely.

Kingston does get some nice thermals in summer that make it tons of fun when there is nothing going on anywhere else. Great spot in winter once the ice is solid and has good snow. Say hi and ask someone at the launch for the rundown. If there is no one else out there is probably a reason as the locals are out every time it blows.