Darlington Provincial Park

11:11 PM

7:41 AM

6:16 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 11:50 AM - DW7240 Oshawa - 8 km away.

Spot Details

Really nice park, with large picnic area, family campground and beach.

Nice sandy launching area.

Can be too crowded in summer months to ride, best to wait and ride before and after swimming season.

Ask First

Be sure to ask at the park entrance about riding, there are time when riding is not allowed. Look for kiting notices too around the entrance to the park.

Be sure to ask other ("core?") riders at the spot the best launching / landing practices to help manage kites while on the beach.


Nice sized beach for launching / landing. Best to set-up and launch as far West as possible.


- Watch out for HUGE pieces of concrete and rebar at the East end of the beach.

- Green Algae is a big problem later in the season, if you drop your kite, you won't be able to re-launch, and you'll spend hours cleaning it off your lines.