Dunks Bay

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6:24 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - WIARTON AIR - 71 km away.

Spot Details

Another amazing spot for NE only, but will be dialed in perfectly for ENE, with onshore conditions only, therefore avoid borderline conditions here.

Fine sand beach, with a public area and cottages. Caution is needed to stay away from the escarpment on either side of the beach. Once the wind picks up nicely, the waves become huge and are a lot of fun to ride. This is a perfect surfing spot. The spot is not very large (wide) so will take only a few kiters.

There is a public washroom/changeroom at the beach and free parking. A 2 minute drive from Tobermory for fish n chips. Again, probably not recommended during beach season due to swimmers, the beach may become quite full, but offseason or when the weather is nasty, its perfect.