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Current conditions at 9/28 11:50 AM - DW7240 Oshawa - 20 km away.

Spot Details

Be sure to get help launching / landing in high water conditions where the beach is smaller.

Good sandy beach, fairly good for thermals - especially in the fall.

SW is good and some serious SE breezes before storms.

Stay away from W wind, as it's offshore and the launching spot is a large wind shadow.

Beware of noticeable temperature shifts, especially a sudden "hot" flash, which indicates a switch in wind direction to off-shore.

Check the kiter's kiosk for local launch particulars.

Better yet, ask one of the friendly local riders.

Parking is good and close; access is easy only about 2 km from the 401 at White's Road.

No restrooms or food here.

Snow kiting can be pretty good in the inner bay, wind is cleanest near the N. end of the bay on a Southerly. Watch for thin ice near the outlet to the main Lake in the SE corner of the bay.