Hanlan's Point Beach

9:32 PM

7:43 AM

6:19 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - TORONTO IL VOR - 2 km away.

Spot Details

Certified Instruction Spot with optional Zodac support.

NOTE: If you are not wearing Canadian Coast Guard Approved PFD, You may be stopped and given a ticket by the Toronto Police Marine Unit.

A few basic pointers on riding here.

1. Set up at least 50 meters north of the life guard tower.

2. Do not under any circumstances kite past or into the White Air Port Runway Perimeter Marking Buoys at the north end of the beach.

a. It's a $10,000 fine and

b. The practical reality beyond the potential fine is if your kite ever got hit with the prop wash of a Dash 8 you would not have time to pull your safety and chances are it would end very badly for you, not the Dash 8.

3. If you do find yourself in the White Air Port Buoys especially if you are close to shore, drop your kite and keep it low and either ride or walk it back out side the perimeter. If you don't have the kite control to do that then pull your safety, swim in and get out of the perimeter. DO NOT under any circumstance, keep your kite at 12 o'clock if you happen to drift into the Air Port Buoys.

4. Stay out of the White Swimming Buoys once you are launched and on the water. If you are set up north of the life guard tower, the swimming buoys are closer to shore so you can kite closer to shore and still stay outside of the buoys. The life guards are rapidly losing their sense of humour on this front.


Recommended water Taxi from Toronto. They will drop you off close to the kiting spot. Ask for Geoff

Five Star Water Taxi - 1-877-706-TAXI (8294)