Hope Bay

3:38 AM

7:53 AM

6:23 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - WIARTON AIR - 18 km away.

Spot Details

Amazing place to ride, relatively flat, good for learning, stay away from boat lines and buoys towards south end of bay. Park kites and gear near boat launch ramp, not on beach (used for volleyball etc.) by campsite and locals.

Watch out for powerlines on road when launching or landing.

Works perfect on NE for onshore, ENE or NNE also works but gustiness increases. Shallow for a ways out, so no need to stay close to shore if there are swimmers nearby (be safe). Local general store across the street for convenience.

For NE I found that the escarpment channels the winds nicely, possibly producing better results than the forecasted winds. Same distance as Oliphant from GTA.