Jones Beach

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7:43 AM

6:18 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - PORT WELLER (MAR - 3 km away.

Spot Details

This spot works best for N, NE, E. Be reminded that this spot comes with several issues:

1. The water is heavily polluted due to the shape of the bay. The canal wall traps huge amounts of debris and decomposing organic matter. The e-coli count here is VERY HIGH (this beach is never safe for swimming and is THE MOST POLLUTED BEACH IN S. ONTARIO) because of the anaerobic conditions and constant fowl (ducks, geese, sea gulls) habitation. So be aware of possible infection.

2. The beach is small (6-8meters deep). Riders MUST be capable to self-launching and landing. There are trees and private property that go beyond the beach.

3. The beach is littered with a fair bit of garbage and small twigs, so expect to get pinholes on your canopy at some point or another.

4. The downwind bail at this spot is nasty. If you can't stay upwind or down your kite, you WILL end up in the "sludge" cesspool (most contaminated portion of the bay). There are also weeds that will bog down your lines. If you down your kite and sink your lines on the west end, expect to spend the rest of your session de-weeding your lines. To add to this, there are trees all over the west end that will hang up your kite if you can't make an upwind tack.

With everything said, if you do ride here, set up as far east as possible to avoid putting your kite up on the trees. Water-launching is recommended. Ride at least two lines length away from shore.