Lagoon City

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Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - LAGOON CITY - 3 km away.

Spot Details

NOTE: Sadly, kiting access to this spot has been closed, as of May 2021.  Check on the latest access before riding here.

Once on the water, this spot is ideal, however, launching is tricky. There are large beaches on either side of the jetty however they are privately owned and each has over head wires along the full length (seagull/kite deterents I suspect).

There is a small park with a playground about 400 meters south of the Jetty. This is the only place to launch, but you need to do a water launch.

On warm days - there can be lot of boats and  swimmers. Best option is to start downwinders here on a NW wind. If you like - you could go all the way to Keswick!

Mostly sand, however some pebble runs and very small piles of rocks all which have Zebra mussels. Wear booties or you will cut your feet.