Lake Nipissing - Sunset Beach

9:44 PM

7:48 AM

6:15 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - NORTH BAY AIRPOR - 9 km away.

Spot Details

The beach is small and usually busy (sometimes VERY busy) with swimmers and

sunbathers but there is usually room off to the side for few neatly stacked

kites (more room when the water is low).

It's an intermediate spot since you almost always have to self-launch or assisted launch out in the water away from beach users and swimmers and you must be able to ride and stay upwind for the same reason.

If there is enough wind to ride there will be BIG chop, waves are

not often very clean. The water is pretty shallow (touchable)for about

200m from shore.

PLEASE be very aware of and keep well away from swimmers. The shallow water and lack of any designated swim areas, along with many lakeside residents means that swimmers pop up any and everywhere along the 2km stretch of beach going north.

There is one mini-van size rock (very roughly at N46 16 19.0 W79 26 52.4) that is (usually) somewhat visible that can be hazardous if you don't watch for it and there are submerged rocks straight off the point.


best with NW, W, SW. Two alternate beaches to the north may offer less beach

traffic, but with just as much possibility of swimmers. The beach is emptiest

before mid June and after mid Sept.

This spot has a few fanatical resident "kite haters" so please be very respectful of swimmers and keep stunts well away from shore.

Great video from the 2013 season