Long Point

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Set up and launch location:

Long Point main beach access at Abigail Becker and Beach Boulevard. After walking to beach from parking lot look EAST for a marked out set-up/launch area. If markers are not out please head EAST a minimum 150m - 200m from beach access. Most of the non-kiting beach goers will set up directly in front of the parking lot just over the dunes and a little to the east and west. This gives kiteboarders ample space downwind of the non kiteboarding community. This applies from June to early September but still use common sense before and after these times of the year. Know your saftey system!

Launching and Landing:

Never self launch or land your kite if others are available to give you a hand. Keep kite low after being launched and proceed to the water as quickly as possible. Beginners please launch downwind of the main launch to avoid problems (see note to beginners). Always use proper hand signals to communicate. Yield to pedestrians! After launching your kite get out into the water immediately. Don't stand on shore or in the shallows with your kite up overhead at 12 o'clock / at zenith for extended periods of time. Launch your kite toward water, not toward the cottages and trees


Strong currents. Not recommended for riders that are not strong swimmers. On 20+ knot days it can be too strong to swim against. Lots of beach goers at the main beach. Beware of the under tow, and weather.


Respect other beach goers and your fellow kiteboarders!! If they tell you something it's to help you and preserve our spot. Always wear a kite leash. Be EXTRA cautious for swimmers and beach goers in the summer months! DO NOT RIDE any distance where your kite over-flies beach goers or swimmers. please roll up your lines and try not to leave your gear scattered everywhere. Keep your kite/kites weighted down with sand when not in use. All riders help enforce the rules and assist one another, to protect the spot Know your kite, your saftey system, your limits, your surroundings. All beginners seek professional instruction. Beach users and pedestrian have NO UNDERSTANDING of the actions or power of the kites Kiters yield the right of way to all other beach users and water users, remove yourself from the crowds, distance is your best friend. All kiters must use proper kite safety leash at all times

Note to beginners

Know your saftey system and how to self rescue. This beach is very popular with sunbathers, dog walkers, and non-kiting beach users in general, particularly from the start of June to early September and especially on the weekends. The crowds combined with current, fairly large waves and lots of other kiters makes Long Point a challenging spot to learn at. Please take lessons or have an experienced friend accompany you before trying this spot. If you do not have complete confidence in your ability to control your kite then this is not a suitable place for you to ride. Please do not attempt to body drag/ride with straight on shore winds. No beach flying traction/trainer kites within 200m of beach users. Do not ride out further than you feel comfortable swimming in. Be aware of what other kite sizes are being flown and rig appropriately. Note: There is no marine rescue unit available at Long Point


1. When two kiteboarders converge in a way that may lead to a collision, the kiteboarder on port tack(LEFT FOOT FORWARD)must give way to the kiteboarder on starboard tack(RIGHT FOOT FORWARD). Starboard (RIGHT FOOT)tack has right of way in this situation.

2. When two kiteboarders converge, and they are on the same tack, the kiteboarder most upwind must give way to the kiteboarder most downwind. The leeward (DOWN WIND) kiteboarder has right of way in this situation.

3. When two kiteboarders converge in a way that may lead to the kites colliding, the upwind kiteboarder must fly their kite as high as possible, and the downwind kiteboarder must fly their kite as low as possible.

4. A kiteboarder must give way to anyone they are overtaking. The kiteboarder being overtaken has the right of way, and is responsible for maintaining course.

5. Always give right of way to anyone exiting launch area.(Remember after launching, head to the water and go. Please, don't stand around, people will be waiting.)


Miles of beautiful beach and cool blue water.

Plenty of space for everybody to setup their kites.

Very good spot for beginners because of the long beach and no obstacles.

Please make sure to stay clear of any swimmers. Set up and launch at least 200 m East of the main entrance to the beach. This applies during the heavy usage season from June to September.