Milne Dam Park

2:14 AM

7:44 AM

6:17 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 11:45 AM - DW6304 Stouffville - 13 km away.

Spot Details

Can be a fun spot for kite skating, or land boarding.

Not a lot of space, good for locals not wanting a long drive.

Wind funnels up the large channel, you need some Westerly wind direction to make this spot work.  On a SW, you get a quick 100m tack.  On a NW, a 300m tack is possible.

Beware, the reservoir does have a current in it that can make the ice thin, be sure to drill a couple holes to check ice depth before riding.

PS: Good ice hockey spot too near the end of Willowgate Dr.  In cold winters, you can skate all the way to Kennedy Dr.  Magic.