Minets Point

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Current conditions at 9/28 11:50 AM - EW3552 Barrie - 6 km away.

Spot Details

Grassy area for launching, have to share with the windsurfers and "picnikers". Works good on W/NW/ N/ NE. Water gets very deep, and wind can be very gusty.

Please Note: There have been a number of kites in the trees in this park and several complaints from several park users to the local Municipality. Kiting restrictions for the summer season may be imposed by the local Municipality if any more complaints are logged against the Kiting Community!

Lots of people here on nice warm days. Stay well away from beach and swimming area.

Lots of hazards. Too many to mention and hazards change depending on wind direction.

Booties required as there are zebra mussels that will slice your feet up.

Winds here can increase with no warning. Typical for wind to go from 12 knots up to 20 knots and be sustained, this can create difficult footing with small rocky slippery surface below water...hard to find sand to get solid footing, be certain of your safety quick release system.

There are some opportunities to rig up at the east end of the shore. The best choice for launching will probably be drift launch, unless you have a knowledgeable assistant to launch you. There is a shoal and you should be able to walk far enough out before it gets too deep.

If you don't have someone to land you then the safest way is to land kite out on the water, and use safety procedures to retrieve kite before coming to shore.