Moonlight Beach

1:58 AM

7:55 AM

6:19 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 11:58 AM - EW6694 Sudbury - 5 km away.

Spot Details

Not a beginner launch. barely an advanced launch.wind conditions have to be perfect for this site to work. wind must be due west, which makes it straight onshore. wind will be gusty and unpredictable even if due west. also consider that the beach is a city run public beach in a wealthy area. the beach is also small so there is not much room for error. 1 incident will put kiteboarding on the city radar, and will lead to a city wide ban.

Rider should be able to tack up-wind before considering this site.

This site is doable in the fall once the beach is clear of swimmers.

Also consider it as winter access point for snowkiting.