Point Farms Provincial Park

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Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - GODERICH (AUTOB) - 5 km away.

Spot Details

A sleepy little Provincial Park. Walk north from the beach parking lot, or take the 130 or so stairs down from the 'Colbourne' campground to a wide sandy beach. You will want to stay north of the two points (where the beach is widest and most beach goes will park themselves) due to hidden boulders just under the water. The south side of the point is all rocks.

Walk as far north up the beach as required to give the beach goers space and you'll very likely have space to kite year round on days windy enough. Off peak season you are likely to have the beach to yourself.

Cautions are the rocks under the water at the twin points and south. The beach also narrows to approx. 15m (trees to water) as you go north (see google aerial map). otherwise, I would call this a beginner spot. Like all Lake Huron beaches, waves can get big if the wind has been blowing for a while. Look for SW to NW winds.

FYI, while convenient with kids, the playgrounds located with the comfort stations can get a little noise, especially around sunset.