Port Dover

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Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - DELHI CS (AUT) - 30 km away.

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Please NOTE: This is NOT a beginner beach.Set up and launch location:

The main beach is too crowded with non-kiters for kiteboarding during the summer months (late May through early September). If you can't stay upwind Port Dover is not a suitable place for you to kite. You'll end up downwind and in the swimming area. The pier is also directly downwind of the launch site, as is the main beach, which has power lines and buildings close to the water's edge.


DO NOT KITE AT THE MAIN BEACH IN PORT DOVER IN SUMMER MONTHS. This rule is in effect from the start of May until the end of September. Never self launch or land your kite if others are available to give you a hand. Keep kites low after being launch and proceed to the water as quickly as possible. Always use proper hand signals to communicate.


Land kites when you're on shore. Don't stand in the middle of the launch with your kite up for extended periods of time. Always ask for a hand to be landed or give the signal. Don't try to self-land unless you're by your self or without a knowledgeable hand.


Strong currents. Not recommended for riders that are not strong swimmers. Rocks at launch area. Power lines, and buildings are close as well as trees. At the main beach the pier is less than 50 metres away and the power lines are pretty much a kite line length away.


Respect other beach goers and your fellow kiteboarders. If local kiteboarders tell you something it's to help you and preserve kiteboarding access at Port Dover. Always wear a kite leash. Don't fly your kite on the beach. Avoid jumping any distance where your kite over-flies the beach or swimmers.

Note to beginners

This beach is very popular with sunbathers, dog walkers, and non-kiting beach users in general,and is NOT FIT FOR KITING FROM MID MAY TO EARLY SEPTEMBER. The cramped launch combined with current, lots of rocks, choppy waves, and power lines makes Port Dover an unsuitable spot to learn. Please take lessons or have an experienced friend accompany you before trying this spot. Basically, THIS IS NOT A SPOT FOR BEGINNERS. If you do not have complete confidence in your ability to control your kite then this is not a suitable place for you to ride. Do not ride out further then you feel comfortable swimming in. There is no on-site rescue service available at Port Dover.


1. When two kiteboarders converge in a way that may lead to a collision, the kiteboarder on port tack(LEFT FOOT FORWARD)must give way to the kiteboarder on starboard tack(RIGHT FOOT FORWARD). Starboard (RIGHT FOOT)tack has right of way in this situation.

2. When two kiteboarders converge, and they are on the same tack, the kiteboarder most upwind must give way to the kiteboarder most downwind. The leeward (DOWN WIND) kiteboarder has right of way in this situation.

3. When two kiteboarders converge in a way that may lead to the kites colliding, the upwind kiteboarder must fly their kite as high as possible, and the downwind kiteboarder must fly their kite as low as possible.

4. A kiteboarder must give way to anyone they are overtaking. The kiteboarder being overtaken has the right of way, and is responsible for maintaining course.

5. Always give right of way to anyone exiting launch area.(Remember after launching, head to the water and go. Please, don't stand around, people will be waiting.)

Good for any Southerly wind. Best to kite here in the spring or fall.