Port Elgin

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7:54 AM

6:24 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 11:58 AM - CW8209 Tiverton - 16 km away.

Spot Details

Cool spot to ride. nice blue water, fun to ride by the break-wall, but not a beginner spot to ride as the break-wall can be dangerous and there isn't a lot of room, depending on wind direction.

Best SW to NW Conditions. Port Elgin Goes Big in Strong NW. Waves can roll through like Bulldozers. The rock cribbing extends about 300 feet past the breakwall and can be exposed in low-water years. Watch out for strong under-toe in BIG NW conditions.

Historically (in the 80's) this site hosted on of Canada's two CYA-sanctioned Boardsail Patrols.

Town police and OPP like to see you wearing your PFD.

Watch for dead-heads (swimmers) on long-weekends!