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2021 Update.

Kiteboarding (launching and landing a kite) at Presqu'ile Provincial Park Beach is prohibited by Provincial Park staff throughout the month of May and continues until June 10. Kiteboarding is permitted again on June 11.  This is due to birds nesting on Provincial park grounds.  June 11th is now recognized as the annual day when the ban lifts.

Launching and landing your kite is always limited to the Northern area of Beach 1.  While riding please avoid the swimming areas to the south, especially in the summer.

It is not recommended that you try and kite when the wind is from the North due to inconsistent/gusty wind coming over the hill and land.

Below is a map that has been provided from Presqu'ile Provincial Park staff.  Please obey the rules and only launch from the northern area of Beach 1, stay out of the swimming areas and be courteous to other fellow beach goers.  If learning, avoid lingering around the Beach 1 area as this is where kiteboarders enter and exit the water.  Please launch and move North to avoid others and give yourself space.