Rondeau Park

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Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - ERIEAU (MAPS) - 9 km away.

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NOTE: Current wind observations from the Erieau Meteorological System appear to be off for direction, and possibly wind speed as well.

[/b]Water: Very flat because of weeds. Always flat but best to go early in the season as the weeds are less.

Beach: Not much of a beach mostly a grassy patch. You must water launch with someone helping you. The water is shallow so it's not a problem but be careful with the trees. You need to enter from within the park near the pier.

Wind: Can be very good if from the S/SW as it is funnelled through the opening of the bay. But any direction can be good as offshore is no danger with land on the other side. It's a bay/inlet so the wind gets funnelled in the mouth of the bay and can have wind in lots of different directions. Wind in Ontario tends to be the best in the spring and fall. Best direction: Southwest.