Sibbald Point

2:01 AM

7:45 AM

6:16 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - LAGOON CITY - 22 km away.

Spot Details

Can be good on a N, or NW. Really only works during spring fall, too many people on the beach during beach season.

Walk out to the far E of the beach to avoid the wind shadow created by the point.

Some riders head over to Georgina Island from here, a 2.5 km tack. Big rollers on a W or NW wind.

Lots of obstacles here including concrete piers, and a nasty wind shadow for any type of Westerly wind. Launch and get out ASAP.

Bring your "A" game here, as there's lots of potential for trouble, and there's no immediate down-wind land to walk back from.