South Oliphant

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Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - WIARTON AIR - 16 km away.

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Choice area when wind is from SW which can make N. Oliphant gusty.

Oliphant Kite Spots - Revised May, 2013

By Daniel Medysky

Please note: vehicles are permitted on the beach.

South Oliphant is a few kilometers south along picturesque Shoreline drive. Public washrooms are located next to the private marina in front of the famous old Oliphant dance pavillion. You can drive out on to the beach where you'll see the kite launch area close to the water. This small bay is located at the end of Oliphant Way. between Lonely Island & Whiskey Island and holds 20 or so kiters and works best on a SW wind. Note: This is a popular area for beginners and a training spot for several kite schools. Please be courteous and ride upwind of training students.

Shallow water and a sandy bottom make it ideal for the beginner to expert kiteboarder. In the summer time it gets busy with local cottagers and kiters are asked to respect designated swim areas.

Kiters are asked to respect all signage and be considerate of all beach users especially swimmers in the water. The local environment group called the Friends of Oliphant Coastal Environments ( is working to preserve the natural ecosystem.

There are several camping resorts in Oliphant including Fiddlehead, Trillium and White Sands. If there's no wind you can take a boat tour and snorkel over shipwrecks in the crystal clear waters. For more info contact Fishing Island Tours

The old shipping port town of Wiarton is a short drive across the peninsula on the Georgian Bay side and offers all the amenities of a modern city. Sit back and enjoy what the Bruce Peninsula has to offer.

For more info Join the local kite group on

Facebook : Bruce Grey Kiteboarding Association or Ontario Kiteboarding Association,

Daniel Medysky

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