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7:46 AM

6:19 PM

Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - BARRIE-ORO - 33 km away.

Spot Details

Due to strong currents, ice conditions can be pretty bad here. Consider Paradise Point just N. of this spot.

*Please do not Kitesurf here in the summer months. This launch is just weeds and rocks and nothing but sumberged bedrock. It only works on a W-NW and the only tack you can take is through the bedrock islands on a constant perpendicular path crossing the Trent Severn waterway which is the busiest commercial and pleasurecraft waterway in all of Canada. There is no down wind location to come ashore and you have several main highway bridges including the 400) that are straight down wind of you. The beach location is always very busy with beach goers too!