Zion Road

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Current conditions at 9/28 12:00 PM - GODERICH (AUTOB) - 28 km away.

Spot Details

Big beach but be cautious of the water quality. River that runs out to lake Huron is a run off from local farm fields and E. Coli bacteria levels tend to be very high especially during spring when snow is melting or after heavy rain. Beach can be closed most of the summer due to E. Coli and stagnate water although water is tested regularly by township during summer months.

Always keep an eye out for broken glass and large sticks under the surface of the sand.

Other then beach is pretty much deserted 99% of he time. Only a few cottages between Zion and Point Clark. Lots of room. The odd spectator. Heavy chop all the time.

More of an intermediate spot then beginner. And there is no place to snow kite. Fields are pretty rough.

Winds best with anything south.